The Eternal Champion Concordance

A dictionary of the proper nouns in The Eternal Champion series by Michael Moorcock.
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  • EI: Book I of the Elric series, Elric of Melnibone
  • Q: Quest for Tanelorn
  • The Concordance:

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    [ A ]

    A ruined city located in a plane different from Elric's. The city lay in a shallow valley and was eternally covered by smoke. Neither the city nor its denizens were aesthetically pleasing.
    EI: 143-153, 158
    Arctorios Stone
    Rare stone. One was set in a ring belonging to Elric. Its core would occasionally shift and reshape itself.
    EI: 3, 81
    Large kingdom in the southern continent of Elric's world.
    One of the most important of the Dukes of Hell or Lords of Chaos, patron of Menibone and Elric in particular.

    We know little of the previous history of Arioch, save his close connection with the Emperors of Melnibone. He was probably feared by most Melniboneans as they seem to have been reluctant even to utter his name.

    Elric engaged in elaborate ceremonial ritual to summon Arioch the first time, Arioch agreeing to assist in locating Yyrkoon and rescue Cymoril in exchange for Elric's oath of service to him.

    On subsequent occasions, Arioch often appeared upon Elric merely calling his name. Presumably he often acted to his own advantage, such as when he instructed Elric about how to acquire Stormbringer.

    Despite his apparent power, Arioch could be bargained with as seen by his acquiescence to Elric's demand for Rackhir's release.

    Arioch had the power to appear in many forms: a pair of floating eyes, a black faceless head, a fly, a beautiful youth clad in shimmering robe and wearing a slender sword and circlet of red fire on his head or an alien shape "both black and foul". Arioch's eyes in all forms were wise, old and evil.

    Also known as the Knight of Swords, the Lord of the Darks and the Keeper of the Two Black Swords.
    EI: 36, 69, 71, 81-86, 88, 126, 132-3, 139, 149, 169-172

    One of the Lords of Law in Corum's world.
    Arrows of Law
    Used by Rackhir who got them at ??? against Mordaga to take the Chaos Shield.
    A human hero from the past and past Eternal Champion. A consort of Myshella. Early in his career, Elric carried Aubec's five-foot broadsword until it disappeared in the Pulsing Cavern. Also known as Earl Aubec of Malador.
    EI: 36, 123, 139, 141, 150, 159, 162
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    [ B ]

    Humans from the Young Kingdoms of Elric's world who did not enjoy the benefits of Melnibone's fifteen thousand years of civilization. The Southlanders were barbarians.
    EI: 25, 33, 37-41, 45, 47, 49-51
    Melnibonean warship. Once the Emperors of Melnibone had hundreds of such ships at their command, but by Elric's time there remained fewer than forty.

    A battle-barge was equipped with masts, sails, oars and catapults. Each bank of oars contained twenty to thirty oars per side and in some cases, e.g. the flagship Son of Pyaray had three independent steering systems.

    Battle-barges were therefore very maneuverable and they often hid in grottoes of the Seamaze in order to spring on enemy ships unawares.

    Except for their wooden decks, battle-barges were covered in gold armor and therefore virtually indestructible (apparently gold is a stronger metal in Elric's world than in our own). In addition, they were capable of great speeds for the slaves who pulled the oars were given a strength-enhancing drug which, however, killed them after one day.
    EI: 34, 62, 66, 79, 101

    Black Swords
    See also Stormbringer.
    Boatmen of Xerlenes
    Summoned by the Grey Lords to successfully save Tanelorn.
    Boiling Sea
    A fearsome sea south of Melnibone on Elric's world. It was said that no mortal ship could traverse it. Thick clouds of steam hung over it perpetually. Elric feared to enter it, even when in possession of the Ship Which Sails Over Land and Sea.
    EI: 47, 106
    Books of Phum
    Apparently a collection of works from Phum. Rackhir had read them and found something disturbing. The Books of Phum did not include the Chronicle of the Black Sword.
    EI: 143
    Bronze Banners and Quartz Arrows
    Acquired by Elric at Volodion Ghasnadiak and used by him against the Beast Men of Pio who had been summoned by Theleb K'aarna in Troos.
    A Lord of Chaos.
    Balo the Jester
    Jester to the Lords of Chaos. He has the Singing Citadel.
    Beetles of Kaleef
    Black Serpents of Dorel
    Blank Flag
    One of the sobriquets of the Knight in Black and Yellow
    Burning God
    see Checkalakh
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    [ C ]

    One of the great factions of the supernatural. The implacable enemy of Law, Chaos appears to be identified with evil.

    The Lords of Chaos, of whom Arioch was one, were said to be malicious. They apparently command great powers and many minions, among them dæmons and normal men warped by long servitude.

    Most of the creatures of Chaos apparently lived on another plane of existence as they did not often appear on the earth.

    The symbol of Chaos was eight arrows pointing in all directions.
    EI: 9, 140, 142, 147-8, 172

    Chaos Butterfly
    Used by Theleb K'aarna in his attempt to destroy Elric.
    Chaos Fleet
    A force allied with Jagreen Lern.
    Chaos Shield
    A powerful artifact used by Elric against Jagreen Lern et al. Obtained from Mordaga.
    A Lord of Chaos invoked by Duke Avan.
    Charm of Justice
    The Burning God who fought Elric at Nadsokor.
    Chief Interrogator
    see Doctor Jest.
    Chronicle of the Black Sword
    A book recording the history of the swords Stormbringer and Mournblade and all its users, past and future. Presumable the Eternal Champion books are excerpted from the Chronicle.
    Court of Elric
    The court of the Melnibonean Emperor in Imrryr. The court seems to have been the site of much dancing and singing during Elric's reign. Most frequently, singing was performed by slaves who were surgically altered so that each could sing only a single type of note.
    EI: 3, 6
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    [ D ]

    Daker, John
    Dance of Mystery
    see Wild Dance of Melnibone
    One of the great old gods. Elric and Dyvim Tvar "killed" him when Zarozina was kidnapped.
    D'a'rputna, Tower of
    A tower in Melnibone. The Tower of D'a'rputna contained a library and it was there that Elric saw paintings of King Straasha.
    EI: 57
    Dead God's Book
    Reputed to contain great wisdom, it turned to dust when Elric touched it.
    EI: 118, 120, 126, 132, 147-8
    Long dead sorcerers who were killed by Elric in the search for the Dead God's Book. The Dharzi were famous for their hunting dogs.
    EI: 107-8, 110-2, 116, 118, 121, 146
    Doctor Jest
    EI: 28-31, 73, 76
    Dragon Caves
    EI: 63, 97
    Dragon Horn
    EI: 94
    Dragon Isle
    see Melnibone
    Dragon Princes
    EI: 48, 62, 95, 98, 107
    Used by Elric against the Southern Raiders, against Theleb K'aarna and against the Flamebringers. EI: 42, 79, 87, 94, 103, 175
    Dreaming City
    see Imrryr
    Dukes of Hell
    see Lords of Chaos
    Dyvim Slorm
    EI: 97
    Dyvim Mav
    EI: 97
    Dyvim Tvar
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    [ E ]

    Earth Elementals
    EI: 158
    A Lord of Chaos to whom Sorana was pledged.
    Brought by Theleb K'aarna to fight Elric at Tanelorn.
    One of the Eternal Champions and hereditary Emperor of Melnibone, chief protagonist of the Elric series. See especially EI: 3, 36.
    EI: 141
    Emperors, Tower of
    see D'a'rputna, Tower of
    Empress of Melnibone
    EI: 3
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    [ F ]

    Fadan, King
    EI: 106
    Lady of the Birds summoned by Elric to fight Oonai.
    Fire Elementals
    EI: 121-2, 124, 180
    EI: 94
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    [ G ]

    Lord of the Wind Giants summoned by Elric to be used against Kakatal (when Theleb K'aarna got his).
    Gaynor, Prince
    Related to the Purple Towns(?)
    Summoned by Elric to defeat the Elenoin.
    Groaning Mist
    EI: 77
    A Lord of the Earth who opposed Elric's use of his ship.
    EI: 92-3, 102, 104-5, 111-6
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    [ H ]

    Lord of the Lizards.
    Creature of the Whirlwind.
    Heading Outward and Coming Safely Home Again
    EI: 107
    See also Stormbringer.
    High Speech of Melnibone
    EI: 80, 90
    Horn of Fate
    Blown by Elric to end his world.
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    [ I ]

    Kingdom in the northeastern continent of Elric's world.
    EI: 66
    Capital city of Melnibone Melnibone in Elric's world.
    A spell obtained in the Forest of Troos and used by Elric to render himself invulnerable to normal weapons.
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    [ J ]

    EI: 66
    Jermays the Crooked
    Claims to be used as a messenger by the gods. Is known both to Elric and Erekose.
    Jeweled Bird
    Obtained by Elric from Myshella. It was used to survive the Boiling Sea. Otherwise, it was Myshella's usual mount.
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    [ K ]

    Lord of Fire, summoned by Theleb K'aarna to fight the Wind Giants.
    Knight in Black and Yellow
    Knight in Jet and Gold
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    [ L ]

    Lamsar the Hermit.
    Q: 39
    One of the great factions of the supernatural. The implacable enemy of Chaos. The symbol of Law was a single arrow pointing upwards.
    EI: 140
    Lords of Chaos
    EI: 9, 23, 42, 45, 63, 69, 71, 81, 141, 172
    Lords of Law
    EI: 71
    Lords of the Higher Worlds
    EI: 35, 60, 134, 170, 175, 176
    Kingdom in the southern continent of Elric's world.
    EI: 66, 102, 106, 108
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    [ M ]

    Lord of Chaos and the King of Swords.
    Magum Colin
    Melnibonean personality and commander of the last remaining Battle-barge.
    EI: 34, 37, 46, 48, 55, 61, 101
    EI: 123
    Lord of Felines, summoned in the Flamebringers story.
    EI: 179
    Mirror of Memory
    An enormous mirror artifact used by Yyrkoon against Elric's forces at Dhoz-Kam.
    EI: 85, 107-8, 110, 118-9, 121-30
    Lord of the Wind, summoned by Elric to fight Kakatal
    EI: 39
    Monshanjik, Tower of
    EI: 25-7
    Monument of the Eagle
    EI: 158
    Obtained by Yyrkoon on another plane.
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    [ N ]

    EI: 97
    EI: 151-4
    Noidel Bushes
    EI: 21
    Noose of Flesh
    Used by Myshella to kill the Kelmain Host in Elric's world.
    Lord of the insects, summoned by Elric to fight Kakatal
    Nihrain Horses
    Used by Elric to travel quickly to meet Sepriz.
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    [ O ]

    Oin and Yu
    EI: 85, 90, 94, 96, 107-8, 110-2
    Shapechanging pigs summoned by Myshella to get Elric.
    Orland of the Staff
    EI: 151
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    [ P ]

    EI: 141, 148, 156, 169, 172
    EI: 148-9
    EI: 6, 106
    EI: 33
    Pulsing Cavern
    EI: 34, 143, 160, 167-8, 170-1
    Purple Towns
    EI: 6
    EI: 3-4, 68
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    [ Q ]

    Quartz Arrows
    see Bronze Banners and Quartz Arrows
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    [ R ]

    EI: 41-81
    EI: 6, 109, 112
    River Ar
    EI: 7-8, 112
    Lord of the Dogs?
    Ruby Throne
    See also Stormbringer.
    Used by Jhary at Volodion Ghasnadiak.
    See also Stormbringer.
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    [ S ]

    EI: 5, 9, 55
    EI: 7
    EI: 6, 33-4, 62
    Sepriz and the Ten
    Gave Elric advice.
    Shade Gate
    Used by Yyrkoon to escape Oin and acquire the Runeblades.
    EI: 20, 126, 132-5, 139, 158
    Shazaarian Steeds
    Ship Which Sails Over Land and Sea
    Used by Elric to find and defeat Yyrkoon in Dhoz-Kam. Obtained from King Straasha.
    EI: 6, 88, 92-4, 96-107, 109, 111-6, 176, 179-180
    Sighing Desert
    EI: 41, 144
    Silver Grimoire
    EI: 7
    Singing Citadel
    A spell used by Yyrkoon on Cymoril and Theleb K'aarna.
    Smiorgan Baldhead, Count
    EI: 6
    Slortar the Old
    A Lord of Chaos.
    Son of the Pyaray
    EI: 7, 40, 47, 49, 61, 63
    Song of the Dragon Masters
    EI: 4
    Song of the Son of the Hero of the High Hall who is about to Sacrifice his Life
    EI: 56
    Sorcerer Emperor
    Lord of the Sea who saved Elric's life from drowning.
    EI: 5, 56-60, 88, 90-3, 95, 101-2, 105, 114, 173, 176, 179-80
    EI: 4
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    [ T ]

    EI: 44, 179
    EI: 4, 35-6, 98
    Tarhali's Particular Satisfaction
    EI: 2-3
    EI: 49-51
    Tunnel Under the Marsh
    EI: 34, 143, 147-8, 152, 157-9
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    [ U ]

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    [ V ]

    EI: 4-77, 121-2, 124-9
    EI: 3
    Volodion Ghasnadiak, Tower of
    Site of the Three-Who-Are-One.
    Vulture Lions
    Creatures summoned by Elric (and Jagar Green).
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    [ W ]

    Warrior Who Cannot Fight
    One of the sobriquets of the Knight in Black and Yellow
    Water Elementals
    EI: 7, 88, 93, 180
    Weeping Waste
    EI: 41
    Wild Dance of Melnibone
    EI: 2
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    [ X ]

    A duke/duchess of Hell.
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    [ Y ]

    Young Kingdoms
    see Oin and Yu
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    [ Z ]

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