Descendants of
Josef GÄRTNER and Maria Ursula SCHERER
of Nádudvar, Hungary

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Ever since starting on the path of Internet genealogy, I have been astonished by the high number of e-mail contacts from descendants of Josef GÄRTNER and Maria Ursula SCHERER of Nádudvar in Hungary, part of the old Habsburg Holy Roman Empire (today Nemesnádudvar, Komitat Pest, Hungary).

Josef Gärtner was born circa 1717 in Nádudvar. His father was probably Philipp or David Gärtner/Gertner/Kerner and his mother's Christian name either Magdalena or Maria Katharina. Josef married Maria Ursula Scherer on November 23, 1740 in Nádudvar. Both died in Kernei (Josef on January 21, 1791 and Maria Ursula on March 20, 1808). They had 12 children. You can follow the line in the books Familienbuch Kernei in der Batschka and Familienbuch Kunbaja.

There have been more contacts about these two ancestors than any other ancestor of mine by far. I have no idea why this should be so. Is their family tree that much better documented than others? Are their descendants so numerous? I've even wondered whether this couple had a gene which trends toward genealogy and computer use!

Children of Josef Gärtner and Maria Ursula Scherer

The couple was married November 23, 1740 in Nádudvar. Seven of their children grew to adulthood and have descendants.

November 23, 1740 at
Nádudvar, Komitat Pest
b: ABT 1717 in Nádudvarb: ABT 1724 in Nádudvar
d: January 21, 1791 in Kerneid: March 20, 1808 in Kernei



1 MARIA URSULA Gärtnerb:October 4, 1741 in Nádudvar
+Gabriel Huber
d:July 4, 1818 in Kernei
2 JOHANN PETER Gärtner b:October 1, 1743 Nádudvar
+Margarethe (?) Lettenborn
d:March 3, 1830 in Kernei
3 Anna Gertrud Gärtner b:November 29, 1745 in Nádudvar N/A
d:ABT 1745 in Nádudvar
4 Maria Eva Gärtner b:January 27, 1747/48 N/A
d:October 21, 1751 in Nádudvar
5 KATHARINA Gärtner b:July 9, 1750 in Kernei
+Franz Wolpert (or Vogert)
d:November 23, 1795 in Kernei
6 JOHANN Gärtner b:September 10, 1752 in Nádudvar Joseph P. Gartner
· has book on Kernei
Richard Heli
· has books on Kunbaja
· web page
+Barbara Fleig
d:April 22, 1802 in Kernei
7 THOMAS Gärtner b:May 1, 1753 in Nádudvar Ken Quinn
· has books on Kernei
· web page
· top of web site
+Klara Kabesle (or Echterling)
d:August 10, 1811 in Kernei
8 Michael Gärtnerb:June 29, 1757 in Nádudvar N/A
d:July 8, 1757 in Nádudvar
9 Maria Eva Gärtnerb:October 9, 1759 in Nádudvar N/A
d:October 15, 1759 in Nádudvar
10 Katharina Gärtnerb:August 31, 1760 in Nádudvar N/A
d:November 19, 1761 in Nádudvar
11 HANS ADAM Gärtner b:August 10, 1762 in Nádudvar François and Emmanuelle Gaertner
· web page
Steve Gartner
Tom Gartner
+Theresia Schlachter
d:July 7, 1834 in Kernei
12 HEINRICH Gärtner b:June 19, 1766 in Nádudvar
+Barbara ?
d:August 1, 1842 in Ligzlin

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Where did the Gärtner family live before coming to Hungary?

We are not sure, but here is one possible hint:

In my case, the line passes through son Johann GÄRTNER:

born September 10, 1752 in Nádudvar
married November 9, 1773 in Kernei, Batschka
died April 22, 1802 in Kernei, Batschka
and his wife Barbara FLEIG: born c. 1750
died January 14, 1837 in Kernei, Batschka
This surname FLEIG is not very common. Alsace researcher Robert Behra has discovered in reviewing passports to leave France a FLEIG who came to the US in 1847:
François Antoine FLEIG son of Joseph FLEIG (born c. 1766/7) and Christine Seraphine BITSCH
born 1 Apr 1805, Boersch, Bas-Rhin
married 20 Nov 1833, Masevaux, Haut-Rhin
died 25 Mar 1825, Boersch
was married to Marie Agathe SCHUEFFENECKER: daughter of Jacques SCHUEFFENECKER (b. 26 Feb 1780, Saint-Amarin, Haut-Rhin) and Marie Madelaine JÄGER (born 22 Mar 1784, Masevaux)
born 31 Jan 1809, Masevaux
died 28 May 1830, Masevaux
He, his wife and four children arrived at New Orleans 28 Dec 1847 on the ship Edouard (a fifth child died during the voyage). Marie Agathe SCHUEFFENECKER'S mother had a passport to leave dated 1 Oct 1851 for herself and her family (unmarried adult children, I think), destination St. Louis. They arrived at New Orleans 12 Dec 1851, and may have headed for Texas instead of St. Louis.
If the FLEIG family came from Alsace, perhaps the GÄRTNER family did as well?

On the other hand, the surname also seems to appear in Baden as described on this Blackforest genealogy page.


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